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America's First Stigmatist: Little Rose Ferron

In Memoriam: Honoring David Ethier's Legacy and Dedication to Little Rose Ferron

This episode was recorded in September 2021. David Ethier passed away from COVID-19 on January 7, 2022.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

The Legacy of Little Rose Ferron: A Journey of Suffering and Devotion

Yves Jacques, Host of Hearts of the Holy Family, is joined by David Ethier from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, in a visit to a profoundly sacred place, the private chapel of Little Rose Ferron, a revered mystic within the church.

Little Rose Ferron, a mystic born in 1902, is renowned for bearing the stigmata—the physical manifestations of Christ's wounds from his crucifixion. Through her immense love and devotion to our Lord, she united herself so closely to His suffering that she was graced with the ability to bear these marks.

The Birth of the Chapel

David Ethier, who manages the foundation preserving Little Rose’s legacy, shared the story of the chapel's creation. In 1928, under Little Rose's direction, Rose Mia was instructed to build this chapel. Rose Mia, who was ten years younger than Little Rose, devoted her life to constructing this domestic chapel, filling it with symbolic decorations, especially thorns. These thorns represent both the hardships of life and the mockery of Christ's kingship.

A Mystic's Journey

Little Rose's journey into mysticism began early. At just four years old, she had a vision of Jesus as a child, asking her to help carry His cross. This profound encounter infused in her an extraordinary love for Jesus, calling her to unite with His sufferings. Despite numerous health challenges throughout her life, Little Rose remained steadfast in her devotion.

The Power of Prayer

At six, Jesus taught Little Rose a deeply moving prayer, the "Supplication Vacinas," which spread widely among monasteries and religious communities. This prayer reflects Little Rose’s fervent desire for the salvation of souls, offering her sufferings for the sake of others.

The Impact of Suffering

Little Rose's life was marked by the physical signs of Christ's passion. She bore the stigmata, experiencing the wounds in her hands, feet, side, and forehead. These manifestations were not just symbolic but deeply painful, a testament to her profound connection with Christ. Despite her physical agony, she found purpose and solace in offering her pain for the salvation of souls.

Devotion and Miracles

Little Rose's life inspired many, including notable mystics like Teresa Neumann and mystic painter Roberta Wise. Stories of her miraculous intercessions and healings abound. She took on the sufferings of others, such as blindness and labor pains, as acts of compassion and love. Her extraordinary spiritual gifts, including bilocation and bearing the Holy Face of Jesus, solidified her place among revered mystics.

A Mission of Reconciliation

Little Rose's mission extended beyond personal suffering. She played a crucial role in healing divisions within the church, particularly during a period of potential schism within the Franco-American community in Rhode Island. By offering her sufferings for the conversion of hearts, she helped restore unity and faith.

A Legacy of Love

Little Rose's life serves as a powerful example of devotion and sacrifice. Her willingness to bear immense suffering for the sake of others underscores a profound spiritual truth: through love and faith, we can participate in Christ's redemptive work. Her legacy continues to inspire, reminding us of the transformative power of suffering united with Christ's passion.

In the spirit of Little Rose Ferron, let us seek to unite our own trials with Christ, offering them for the good of others and the glory of God.







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