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Beth Knee Conversion Story: Healing Love of the Holy Eucharist


Beth Knee, is a convert from Judaism, who has been in the Church for almost eight years. Beth Knee's conversion story is a testament to the transformative power of the Holy Eucharist. In this conversation we delve into the healing love of Jesus in this sacred sacrament.

Beth Knee's Conversion Story

Beth shares her background, growing up in a Jewish family with little faith connection. Her life took a challenging turn through an abusive situation, divorce, and clinical depression. In a moment of despair, she heard God's call to visit a Roman Catholic Church, marking the beginning of her spiritual awakening.

"I'm done with everything. I just can't do this anymore," Beth recalls saying. God guided her to a Portuguese Catholic Church, where she began praying, marking the first time in her life she had reached out to God. This experience set her on a path towards the Catholic Church, even before her formal conversion.

Discovering Miraculous Graces

Beth shares her experiences of attending Mass, praying the rosary, and receiving blessings before her baptism. Miraculous graces began to unfold in her life, leading to her healing from clinical depression and a return to work. These events occurred even before her official entry into the Church, emphasizing the power of God's transformative love.

The Role of Our Lady

Beth highlights the importance of the Virgin Mary in her journey, citing the instance where Mary directs others to do whatever Jesus tells them. The message echoes throughout Beth's spiritual evolution, emphasizing the pivotal role of Mary in guiding souls to her Son, Jesus.

Preparation for the Holy Eucharist

As Beth delves deeper into her faith through RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults), she expresses her anticipation for two significant sacraments: receiving the Holy Eucharist and going to confession. She emphasizes the importance of proper preparation, both spiritually and intellectually, for receiving Jesus in the Eucharist.

The Mystery of the Holy Eucharist

Beth discusses her gradual understanding of the Eucharist's mystery, acknowledging its intellectual and heartfelt dimensions. She reflects on the transformative power of the Eucharist as a source of purification, allowing believers to see more clearly through God's graces.

The Biblical Foundation of the Eucharist

The conversation delves into the biblical foundation of the Eucharist, drawing parallels with the Old Testament and the significance of Jesus as the "Bread of Life." The dialogue highlights the profound connection between the Old and New Testaments, creating a continuity that leads to the salvation offered by Jesus.

Divine Mercy and the Eucharist

Beth introduces the concept of Divine Mercy through the writings of St. Faustina, emphasizing the importance of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist. She shares passages from St. Faustina's diary, illustrating the transformative experience of communing with Jesus and seeking His mercy.

The Sacrament of Unity

The conversation concludes with a reflection on the Eucharist as the sacrament of unity. Yves and Beth highlight the communal aspect of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, fostering a sense of unity among believers. The conversation emphasizes the importance of living a life rooted in love for God and neighbor.


Beth's journey serves as a powerful testimony to the healing love of Jesus found in the Holy Eucharist. The conversation encourages listeners to reflect on their own faith journey and the transformative power of receiving Jesus in the sacraments. As we approach the season of Advent and Christmas, may the message of God's love and mercy resonate in our hearts.


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