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Human Dignity with Father Andrew Beauregard, FPO - Part 2: The Role of Faith and Family

This is Part 2 of a 2 part series. Find Part 1 here:


The Power of Faith, Family, and Forgiveness: Upholding Human Dignity in a Modern World

In an era where the state can redefine and sometimes strip away fundamental rights, it’s crucial to anchor our understanding of human dignity in something beyond governmental power. If our rights are bestowed by God, the Creator, then they transcend state authority, offering a higher appeal. This is why faith is so vital—it acts as a check on the state’s power. Without faith, the state can manipulate and change laws, affecting issues like abortion and human dignity itself.

The Role of Faith in Safeguarding Human Dignity

Faith provides a foundation that the state cannot undermine. When we recognize that our dignity is inherent, ontological, and metaphysical—rooted in our being as creations of God—the state can not infringe upon these rights. Laws should protect this sacred knowledge, not erode it. Thus, nurturing our faith becomes a shield against the encroachments of state power.

The Digital Age: A New Challenge

Today's world presents unique challenges. The internet and artificial intelligence (AI) have become pervasive, often leading individuals away from real-life interactions and into virtual isolation. AI, driven by algorithms, can trap people in echo chambers of addiction, bombarding them with content tailored to their interests, sometimes at the expense of their wellbeing.

Ten years ago, when the expansion of the internet and the advent of 5G technology were predicted to make people prefer virtual reality over the real world, many were skeptical. Today, it’s evident. Many individuals, regardless of age, retreat into virtual worlds, detaching from the tangible joys of nature and human connection that God intended us to experience.

The Centrality of Family

Amidst these challenges, the family remains a cornerstone of society. A strong, intact family can provide the guidance and support necessary to navigate modern pitfalls. Unfortunately, family structures, especially in the Western world, are under threat. However, those remnants of strong families resisting societal decay highlight the importance of the family unit in upholding human dignity.

Families are the foundation of the church and society. They precede the church and provide the environment where vocations are nurtured, and moral values are instilled. A society with strong families fosters environments where children learn forgiveness and unconditional love—lessons essential for resolving broader societal conflicts and wars.

Forgiveness: A Path to Peace

At a recent conference, speakers discussed the seemingly intractable Israel-Hamas conflict, concluding it was irreconcilable. This sentiment underscores a broader need for forgiveness. Any crisis today can only be resolved through forgiveness. Nations and individuals alike must learn to forgive to break the cycle of conflict and revenge.

Historically, many destructive leaders emerged from broken families, highlighting the critical role of a strong family in shaping individuals capable of forgiveness and peace. In families, we learn to make mistakes, forgive, and start over. This foundation can extend to the workplace, political spheres, and international relations, offering a path to prevent wars and foster reconciliation.

The Power of Prayer and Faith

To combat the myriad challenges we face, we turn to prayer, particularly the Holy Rosary. The message of Fatima during the turbulent times of World War I emphasized the power of prayer, repentance, and conversion. Our Lady’s call for daily prayer remains relevant, urging us to seek divine intervention in our troubled world.

Conclusion: Embracing Our Role

As we navigate these complex times, let’s remember the words of a holy individual, Frank Kelly: “The person in front of you is your salvation.” God places people in our lives to help each other reach heaven. By recognizing and upholding the dignity of every person, strengthening our families, and fostering forgiveness, we can build a society that honors and protects human dignity.

In a world increasingly dominated by technology and state power, let us anchor our lives in faith, family, and forgiveness. These timeless values offer a pathway to a more humane and dignified existence, safeguarding the sacredness of life for generations to come.


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