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A River of Blood: Prophesies of Our Lady of Kibeho

Our Lady of Kibeho: A Message of Hope and Warning

Welcome to another episode of "Hearts of the Holy Family," hosted by Yves Jacques. Today, we are honored to have a special guest, Father Valentine Nworah from Nigeria. Father Valentine, ordained on August 15, 2020, brings a fresh perspective on the significant Marian apparitions at Kibeho, Rwanda.

The Apparitions of Our Lady of Kibeho

Our Lady of Kibeho is an approved Marian apparition that took place in Rwanda between 1981 and 1989. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three young girls—Alphonsine Mumureke, Nathalie Mukamazimpaka, and Marie Claire Mukangango—delivering a prophetic message calling for repentance, prayer, and conversion of hearts to prevent impending disasters.

Father Valentine recounts the story of how Our Lady’s message initially met with skepticism, much like the messages of Jesus. The girls were doubted and even persecuted, but their faith remained steadfast. Over time, the truth of their experiences became evident through various signs and miracles, including physical tests that the visionaries endured without harm, which validated the authenticity of the apparitions.

The Prophecy of the "River of Blood"

One of the most chilling aspects of Our Lady’s message was the vision of a "River of Blood." This prophecy tragically came true during the Rwandan Genocide in 1994, where nearly a million people were brutally massacred. The genocide was a stark fulfillment of the warning Our Lady had given years earlier, emphasizing the urgent need for humanity to repent and embrace peace and reconciliation.

Father Valentine shares his personal experiences in Rwanda, where he spent a year witnessing the deep faith and resilience of the Rwandan people. He describes visiting the Kibeho Shrine and meeting one of the visionaries, which profoundly impacted him. He also highlights the incredible forgiveness shown by Rwandans who survived the genocide, which stands as a testament to the transformative power of Our Lady's message.

A Universal Message

Though Our Lady appeared in Rwanda, her message was not limited to one country or continent. She emphasized that her call for repentance, prayer, and conversion was for the entire world. The relevance of her message persists today as we witness ongoing conflicts and divisions globally. Our Lady of Kibeho's message urges us to foster love and compassion, transcending hatred and division.

Devotion to the Seven Sorrows

A significant aspect of the Kibeho apparitions is the emphasis on the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows. This devotion involves meditating on the seven sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which helps believers connect deeply with the suffering of Christ and His mother. Father Valentine stresses that suffering and sorrow are integral to the Christian journey, teaching us to unite our sufferings with those of Jesus and Mary.

In today’s world, where many preach a prosperity gospel that dismisses the role of suffering, the message of Kibeho reminds us that trials and tribulations are part of our spiritual growth. Our Lady’s call to meditate on her sorrows is a profound way to understand and embrace our sufferings, drawing closer to God.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

The Rwandan people’s ability to forgive their aggressors, even after such horrific events, showcases the miraculous power of Our Lady’s message. Father Valentine recounts stories of Rwandans who lost entire families but found healing through forgiveness. This profound act of mercy and reconciliation is a lesson for all of us, illustrating how true peace can be achieved.

Continuing the Mission

Father Valentine expresses his hope to bring people from his diocese to the Kibeho Shrine, allowing them to experience firsthand the grace and inspiration that comes from visiting such a holy site. He believes that the message of Kibeho, emphasizing prayer, repentance, and reconciliation, is crucial for our times.

As we conclude, let us remember the words of Our Lady of Kibeho and strive to live by them. By turning to prayer, embracing suffering as a path to spiritual growth, and practicing forgiveness, we can transform our lives and the world around us. Our Lady's message is a beacon of hope and a call to action, urging us to create a world rooted in love and compassion.


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