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Electrocuted, Miraculously Restored to Life: The Awe-Inspiring Story of Frank Kelly

Introduction: The Life of Frank Kelly

Welcome, we are happy to share the incredible life of Frank Kelly (January 3, 1948 ~ October 26, 2022), a dear friend from the Boston, Massachusetts area. Frank's journey is nothing short of miraculous, with medical records that defy modern science. Surviving electrocution and battling various ailments, Frank used his experiences to bring the gospel to the world. Through his intercessory prayers, many witnessed divine healings. Though he passed away on October 26, 2022, his legacy continues to inspire. Join us each week as we explore the life and legacy of this holy man, whose cause may one day lead to canonization. Enjoy and be inspired by his profound joy and love for everyone.

This episode marks the first in a series of nine interviews—some of the last he gave before his passing. Join us each week as we explore the life and legacy of this holy man, whose cause may one day lead to canonization. Enjoy and be inspired by his profound joy and love for everyone.


A Journey of Faith and Healing: Insights from Frank Kelly

In a recent profound discussion, Frank Kelly shared his journey of faith, prayer, and miraculous healing. This inspiring conversation highlighted his unwavering belief in the power of divine intervention and the importance of staying grounded in faith amidst life's challenges.

Embracing Faith Over Worry

Frank Kelly began by emphasizing the futility of worry, labeling it as a work of evil. Instead, he advocates for placing trust in God and embracing prayer as a means of divine instruction. Reflecting on advice from his mentor, Wakefield, Kelly underscores that prayer is essential, not as a mere ritual but as a direct line of communication with God. He believes that divine guidance surpasses human intermediaries, and he seeks personal instruction from God rather than relying solely on others.

The Power of the Catechism and Holy Spirit

Kelly delved into the significance of the Catechism and the Holy Spirit in understanding religious teachings. He discussed how the Catechism serves as a guide, helping believers walk in faith and comprehend the depths of scripture. The Holy Spirit, according to Kelly, plays a crucial role in illuminating the scriptures, transforming reading into a divine experience.

Personal Encounters with the Divine

Sharing his personal experiences, Kelly recounted a miraculous healing involving his hearing issues. Through prayer and intercession, he felt the presence of the Blessed Mother and experienced profound spiritual encounters. He vividly described a transformative moment when Jesus Christ appeared to him, instructing him to quit smoking and take control of his life. This encounter, filled with divine love and guidance, reinforced Kelly's belief in the power of prayer and divine intervention.

Testimonies of Transformation

Kelly also shared testimonies from individuals who experienced healing through his ministry. One notable story was of Michael, who was initially skeptical about attending a healing mass. After receiving a 30-day prayer of forgiveness from Kelly, Michael experienced a significant change in his heart. He forgave those he was bitter towards and reconciled with estranged family members, ultimately deepening his prayer life and trust in the Lord. This testimony underscores the transformative power of forgiveness and persistent prayer.

The Eternal Significance of the Mass

A recurring theme in Kelly's discussion was the eternal nature of the Mass. He described it as an ongoing representation of Calvary, emphasizing its spiritual significance. For Kelly, the Mass is not just a ritual but an eternal act that transcends time and space. He encourages believers to actively participate in the Eucharist and draw strength from this profound spiritual experience.

Calling on Saints and Angels

Throughout the conversation, Kelly emphasized the importance of invoking the intercession of saints and angels. He shared his practice of praying to specific saints for various needs, highlighting how these heavenly beings can provide guidance and support in our spiritual journey. Kelly's deep connection with saints like Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Saint Joseph, and Saint Teresa of Avila exemplifies his belief in their powerful intercessory roles.

Final Reflections

In his concluding remarks, Kelly urged listeners to remain steadfast in their faith and trust in God's plan. He reminded them that earthly life is transient, and focusing on heavenly matters is essential. Drawing inspiration from figures like Mother Teresa, Kelly encouraged believers to support and uplift one another, reflecting God's love in their actions.

Frank Kelly's journey of faith and healing is a testament to the transformative power of prayer, forgiveness, and divine intervention. His insights remind us of the eternal significance of the Mass, the importance of calling on saints and angels, and the necessity of staying grounded in faith amidst life's challenges. As we navigate our spiritual journeys, may we draw inspiration from Kelly's experiences and deepen our connection with God through prayer and unwavering trust.


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