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Gloria Polo Testimony: Struck by Lighting - Standing at the Gates of Heaven and Hell

Updated: May 21

Commentary on Gloria Polo's testimony of her death, judgment, and conversion.



Dr. Gloria Polo

Dr. Gloria Polo's testimony stands as a powerful and life-changing narrative. Struck by lightning on May 5th, 1995, she embarked on a journey that took her to the gates of hell and heaven. This blog post will delve into the extraordinary testimony of Dr. Gloria Polo, exploring the profound impact it has had on countless lives and the messages it conveys for our troubled times.


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The Approval of Her Bishop

Before delving into the details of Dr. Polo's near-death experience, it's essential to note that her testimony received approval from her bishop, Archbishop Wilson Alexander Maura. This certification attests to her mature faith, virtue, and transparency in proclaiming the Gospel, providing a foundation for the credibility of her profound encounter.

The Lightning Strike

Dr. Polo, a dentist from Colombia, recounts the life-altering incident that occurred at the National University of Bogota. Walking with her husband and nephew on a rainy day in 1995, they were struck by lightning. The nephew perished instantly, while Dr. Polo suffered extensive physical injuries. She vividly describes the impact on her body, detailing how the lightning bolt entered, leaving her carbonized and gravely burned.

"The lightning bolt entered from my shoulder burning my whole body inside and out."

The Journey Beyond

Despite the physical devastation, Dr. Polo's consciousness embarked on a spiritual journey. She found herself in a beautiful tunnel of light, experiencing overwhelming joy, peace, and happiness. At the end of the tunnel, she encountered a radiant light resembling the sun, which she identified as the heart of Jesus—the Holy Eucharist.

"I was coming closer to his heart and as he drew me nearer, the most resplendent part was the realization that this is the heart of Jesus the Holy Eucharist. this heart is open and it is that wound in his heart that is the door."
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in a Monstrance

The Revelation of Souls

During her spiritual journey, Dr. Polo witnessed the interconnectedness of all souls. She saw people living in sin and egocentrism, oblivious to the suffering around them. The contrast between those submerged in iniquity and the adorers of Jesus, clothed in the Eucharist, revealed the true essence of the Church—the heart of Christ.

"Our Lord gives a catechesis of the ten commandments step by step of what and why she was being condemned and why, through the grace of God, she's able to give this testimony a thousand times a thousand."

The Reality of Hell

Dr. Polo's testimony took a dark turn as she descended into tunnels of darkness. She observed the horrifying reality of souls immersed in pain, shame, and hatred. The demons she once doubted manifested, revealing the consequences of sins. The description of the living obscurity, devoid of God's love, paints a haunting picture of spiritual death.

"When there is an abortion, that tiny soul screams and moans in pain. When that child is being murdered, the cry is heard and causes all of heaven to shake."

The Encounter with the Virgin Mary

In the midst of her descent into darkness, Dr. Polo experienced a moment of grace. The Virgin Mary appeared, praying for her and interceding before the Lord. This intervention marked a turning point, as a sweet voice filled with love and peace addressed Dr. Polo, questioning her understanding of the commandments.

"And that was the most beautiful moment. I have no words to describe that moment."

The Examination of Conscience

God, in his mercy, guided Dr. Polo through a profound examination of conscience. She learned that her sins extended beyond actions to the intentions of her heart. The revelation of her ungratefulness, lies, and the gravity of her sins, especially abortion, left her shattered.

"God showed me how ungrateful I was to my parents. I would curse against and complain about them because they could not give me everything my friends had."

The Second Chance

Despite the depths of her sins, Dr. Polo's plea for mercy was met with compassion. Jesus, in his boundless love, extended a second chance. The intercession of those who prayed for her played a crucial role in this divine act of mercy. Dr. Polo received a mandate to share her testimony, urging others to embrace repentance and transformation.

"You will go back, and it will be because of the intercession of all those who are not even your own flesh and blood."

Intercessory Prayer and Personal Reflection

Dr. Polo's experience emphasizes the significance of intercessory prayer and personal reflection. The examination of conscience should go beyond mere actions, delving into the intentions of the heart. As she uncovers the layers of her sins, Dr. Polo invites readers to contemplate their own lives, acknowledging the impact of sins of omission and commission.

"He got on his knees and prostrated himself to the lord and he prayed 'lord, I love, you I adore you! Please have compassion for my sister Gloria. Please have mercy on her please give her a second chance"


Dr. Gloria Polo's testimony serves as a beacon of hope and a call to repentance. Her journey from the brink of hell to the embrace of divine mercy illuminates the transformative power of God's love. In a world marked by spiritual indifference and moral decay, her story challenges us to reevaluate our lives, embrace intercessory prayer, and strive for holiness. May her words echo as a reminder that, even in our darkest moments, God's mercy is boundless, offering a second chance for redemption and renewal.


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